Flax Retting

Ret, Aerated - A type of ret where compressed air is forced into the bottom of the tank to maintain the retting liquor at or near the neutral point as regards acidity. Ret, Aerobic - A type of bacterial ret where the predominant bacteria are aerobic, i.e., work only in the presence of oxygen. Ret, Anaerobic - Any type of bacterial retting where the predominant bacteria are anaerobic, i.e., work in the absence of oxygen. This is the usual condition. Ret, Belgian - A term applied to a tank ret where warm water is sprayed into the bottom of the tank at intervals. Ret, Channel - A ret in which crates of flax are regularly introduced at one end of a water channel and removed at the other end. Ret, Chemical - The straw is subjected to chemical solutions to induce loosening of the fibre from the wood. Ret, Dam - Water retting by immersing the crop or de-seeded straw in dams cut in the earth and filled with water at natural temperature. Ret, Dew - The straw is spread on the ground in the open, in a thin layer and retting is effected by the action of fungi in the presence of rain, dew and sunlight. Ret, Double - The straw is subjected to two independent rets with intermediate drying. Ret, Duplex - A form of tank retting in which one tankful of straw undergoing the second half of its ret is in circulation with another tankful undergoing the first half of its ret. Ret, Interrupted - Essentially a two-stage warm water tank ret, the retting liquor being replaced by fresh water when the ret is about one-half to two-thirds complete. Ret, Pond - Water retting by immersing the crop or de-seeded straw in natural ponds. Ret, River - The straw is immersed in rivers, but usually after being packed in crates. Ret, Rossi - A type of aerated or aerobic retting in which a pure culture of bacteria is introduced. Ret, Tank- - The straw is packed into concrete or other tanks and the temperature of the water and its renewal during the ret is controlled. Ret, Water - The total immersion of the straw in water to induce retting by bacterial action. Retting - The subjection of crop or deseeded straw to chemical or biological treatment to make the fibre strands more easily separable from the woody part of the stem.

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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